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An annual intake of over 70 graduate accountants

The TNG Chartered Accountants Network is a coming together of like minded progressive firms of accountants dedicated to providing the highest standards of advice and training. We work mainly with privately owned businesses to help them grow and succeed. In this way we offer more than accounting, tax and audit.

For the ambitious accounting graduate we offer a well rounded training in all areas of professional development. We know we will deliver the highest quality training not just in tax, accounting and audit but also access to a full range of business finance and strategy. These skills will mean that you will have the skills for a successful career and not just successful exams.

Our clients

Our clients range across all industries from construction to IT; from local shops to multinationals. We offer the humble tax return to the corporate sale. But what they all have in common is that they are looking  to know we will protect their interests, keep them compliant and help steer them in the direction of continuous improvement.

And we also work with the not for profit sector. We see this sector as needing the same level of professional input as a commercial entity.  Dealing with public funds carries a deeper responsibility yet at the same time it is the self same entrepreneurial spirit that drives these organisations to do more and deliver a better society. Our aim is to support their mission in delivering their service.

Training within the TNG Chartered Accountants Network

Within the TNG Chartered Accountants Network we work closely together to provide practical training. In this way you will develop the practical day to day skills to help in your work. We hold regular briefing sessions as well as in depth training courses. All firms have highly developed IT systems to help in the work but also develop your skills. From accounting systems to online portals, we use them extensively to deliver a first class service.

You will meet fellow professionals from other member firms at training and other sessions as well as social events. We look to build a supporting environment to support you in your academic training as well as on the job training. An active group within each firm work closely to organise social events and competition amongst all the firms such as bowling , quizs or Christmas parties.

Finding the right firm for you

So if you want a well rounded experience to develop your career then our member firms are perfect for you. Take a look at each firm and you will see great variety as well as fantastic expertise. You can get a close up look at all the types of businesses and get a deep insight into what really matters in being successful. You can see how you can make a difference and how you can apply your talents.

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